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Born in Southern California in the 50's, a daughter of a Los Angeles concert pianist, a granddaughter of an oil painter, and a great-niece of a Los Angeles sculpturist, she was surrounded in her youth with a variety of mediums. One of her fondest memories was watching her grandmother shake dry paints from glass tubes then mixing together with mediums on ceramic tiles. At an early age Nancy connected to the rich texture of impasto paints. Her deepest desire was to become a painter, always having the desire to be creative. After raising a family, she realized she could still follow this dream.

Carpe Diem - Sieze the Day"Painting is definitely a time of excitement, joy, and a reflection of what I see: a life time learning process. The excitement never seems to go away with each new painting, my motto is "Carpe Diem".

With encouragement from family and friends, she began a painting career after years of teaching and studying the arts. Strongly inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's strokes, Claude Monet's Impressionist style, Pierre Bonnard's color; Nancy continues this vision of color, shape, and design. Nancy has a Bachelor's Degree in Education which has influenced the study with many working artists such as Robert Moore and Ovanes Berberian in teaching workshops. She Currently resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Orange County, California where she paints on location or in her studio. Her work can be found with university & museum collections and private collectors. Nancy's art work is a way to share with others the joy she has every time she paints.

On Location - Newport Beach HarborMemberships:

- SoCal Plein Air Painters Association (SOCALPAPA)
- Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA)
- Idaho Falls Arts Council (IFAC)
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