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News Update

Nancy is scheduled for 2006 for an art show September 29th, 3-9pm “Celebrating Color” at the Dana Point Coastal Arts Center, 34118 Pacific Coast Highway #3,CA; hosted by Betsy D’arca. Nancy will also have an art show October 4th, 4-9pm “Quest for Paradise” at the Fairmont of Newport Beach, 4500 MacArthur Boulevard,CA; hosted by Lenni Curl. The composition to the right was inspired from the California Coast, called “Three Friends”, 8x10oil.

Nancy has been busy painting family and friends in natural and vacation settings. During an Adventure River Raft Trip on the Salmon River, Idaho; she packed her painting pochade box and painted everyday at the campsites. Her sister in-law, Lenni and a girl friend, Debbie would casually pose at the campsites along the river’s edge with a glass of wine in hand as the bright sun began to set each evening. Nancy could not let these moments pass her by without getting her paints out. “Carpe Diem”! Seizing another Day.

Painting below “Girls Having Fun” 8x10 oil/board, and also to the right “Girls Having Fun Again” are Lenni and Debbie having cocktail time and engaging in conversation about their adventure that day on the river. Lenni and Nancy had tipped over in their kayak on one of the rapids, called “Wake-up”, and the big talk from the group when asked “Are you girls Okay?” Lenni’s reply was “Yes, but is my eye make-up still on!”

“The first morning I woke-up to a breath taking sunrise on the canyon walls. I was inspired immediately, getting my paint box out and sitting on the ground I began seizing the moment. The composition below-right is a painting of the Salmon River canyon “Early Morning-First Campsite” 7x9 oil / board. I was treated with a hearty breakfast brought to me by Lenni, while the group was breaking camp I finished up my first painting on the river. Thank you Lenni for breakfast and Thank you both; Lenni and Debbie for being my River Models! “Carpe Diem”

If this art interests you, feel free to contact Nancy by phone, mail, or email to discuss orders or questions.

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